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My name is Casey Colson, owner of Dog Days Daycare in Warrensburg Missouri. I have been an animal lover all my life, but dogs have always been my favorite animal. I grew up rodeoing all over the country and did all my high school years online, so I had plenty of time to do what I loved and to work hard. When I was 15, I worked for a vet here in Warrensburg for about a year and fell in love with taking care of other people's animals, especially dogs! A few years later at the end of my senior year, I won a scholarship roping in Nebraska, so I decided to try out a few college classes and see if I liked it. After a few months I figured out that college just was not for everyone. I had this drive to work hard, and I wanted to run my own business. I also wanted to do something that I loved, so, I came up with this idea to open a dog daycare center and asked my parents what they thought about my idea and to my surprise, they loved it. Blessed with great parents who own their own businesses, I was not alone. So, I got to work! A year and a half later, I finally made my dream a reality and opened Dog Days Daycare!

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